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Cobb Traffic Ticket Solutions

Don’t Go To Court

No one wants to wake up early just to sweat like a pig or freeze to death and waste a day in traffic court, so in most cases we can go to court for you, get your ticket reduced, and pay your fine. Give us your information by e-mail (scottsemrau@semraulawfirm.com or mburnsjr@semrauawfirm.com) or telephone (770-795-7751) and we will do the rest.

Q: Do you accept out of state drivers?
A: Yes. It is not necessary to make the trip to Georgia. We’ll go to court for you.

Q: Is the court date on my ticket my trial date?
A: No. That is only your arraignment. Only you, not the officer, must appear.

Q: What about a mandatory court appearance?
A: Even if you received notice that you must appear in court, we can take your place.

Q: Should I take a jury trial or a judge trial?
A: Never give up your right to a jury trial without consulting a lawyer.

Many of you may be thinking well even if I do have to get up early at least it will be cheaper to just pay the ticket than to hire a lawyer. Let me explain to you a little math and show you how we will actually save you hundreds of dollars. Our minor traffic ticket legal services are almost always less than $300. If you just pay the ticket without using our services, the total cost of just one ticket could be well over $1,000. The ticket fine may only cost you $140, but if you add the cost of increased car insurance and lost time at work then it is easy to see the value of using our firm. Make it easy on yourself. Call our law firm once, and in most traffic cases you’re done.

Just one call and that is all. No waiting, sweating, or freezing. We go to court so you don’t have to.