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Cobb Traffic Ticket Solutions

Missed Court Date

Missed My Court Date!

Missed your court date? No problem! We can get it back on track! Even long-past court dates are no problem.   We recently fixed a traffic ticket that was more than 20 years old!!  In most cases we can complete an old case without our client ever coming near the Courthouse.  People often fear high fines and arrest and they are always surprised to learned that its not expensive and they won’t be arrested.

We’ll get your case before the judge, vacate the Failure to Appear and complete the case –  on the same day we are hired!!

Has your license been suspended because you missed your court date?  No problem!  We can get the reinstatement documents and forward them to the Department of Driver Services for you!

Are you worried about the cost of paying the Failure to Appear Fine?  In most cases we are able to get the reset fee waived.

Q: Will I get arrested for missing a court date?
A: It depends on the judge and the type of ticket. Call the clerk of court and ask whether a warrant was issued.

Q: Will my license be suspended for missing my court date?
A: Yes. Even minor tickets will lead to license suspension if you miss your court date. If you missed your court date give us a call ASAP!