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Cobb Traffic Ticket Solutions

Suspended License

Suspended License, Suspended Registration and No Insurance

Suspended License, Suspended Registration, and No Insurance are serious driving offenses that carry jail time, a minimum six month suspension of your license, and fines and probation fees well above $1,000. Don’t take these offenses lightly – if the judge or prosecutor suggests that you should get an attorney, then something bad is about to happen to you! These are serious and complex offenses.

Whether you have been stopped for an alleged traffic violation, or have been pulled over after a roadblock, you’ll be arrested if your license or registration is suspended or if you have no insurance.  You can also get stuck in what we call “the never-ending suspended license circle.” You get a suspended license for failing to pay a ticket. Then you are found guilty of the suspended license, and it causes another suspended license. As a result, your license suspension is extended by a minimum of another 6 months. So, then each and every arrest and conviction results in a further suspension of your driver’s license.

WE STOP THE CIRCLE OF SUSPENSION! Clients often come to us unsure of why their license is suspended and unable to get help from the Department of Driver Services. Our goal is to get you legal and stop the cycle of license suspension. Multi-state suspension problems are no problem for us. We can even help with child support and debt collection suspensions.

LET US HELP: First, we go to court for you. Second, we can continue the case and help you reinstate your driving privileges. Then we will find a resolution that does not require additionally suspension, usually it is a dismissal or reduction of the charges. You will save time and money, and the cycle of suspensions will STOP!

Here is a link to the Georgia Department of Driver Services website page. The page outlines all the suspensions and their lengths. It is one of the best charts that we have seen on suspensions: http://www.dds.ga.gov/drivers/dldata.aspx?con=1744060376&ty=dl

Q: Why is my license suspended?
A: Call the Georgia Dept. Driver Services Hotline at (404) 657-9300 or get a copy of your driving record at www.dds.ga.gov    You can also try going to the main Georgia Department of Driver Services in Conyers, Georgia (2206 East View Pkwy, N.E., Conyers, GA. 30013 (770) 918-5822). The employees at the Conyers office are the best informed and best trained representatives. The staff at local offices is often “clueless.”

Q: Will a “Nolo” plea keep me from losing my license?
A: Maybe for driving with a suspended license, definitely not for a suspended registration.  It’s complicated!!  You can only use a Nolo Plea once every five years, and even then it won’t work in every situation.  It also does nothing to stop the fines or jail time. You should really talk to a lawyer.