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Cobb Traffic Ticket Solutions

Under 21

Tickets To Drivers Under 21 Years-Old

Wait, don’t pay that ticket! Drivers under 21 years-old will lose their license for a single four-point ticket, and drivers under 18 years-old will lose their license if they accumulate more than four points. We’ve helped many, many young adults keep their licenses, and we’ll help you find a way to keep or get back your license.

Q: Can I get a temporary permit?
A: Maybe, but you’ll need a lawyer. Georgia Law was recently changed to authorize limited work permits to drivers under 21year-old who face a suspension. The permits can only be authorized by a Judge and are not available for every suspension.

Q: How long is the suspension for a “points” suspension?
A: Six months to one year, depending on your age and the offense.

Q: My license has already been suspended. Can you still help me?
A: Yes. Even after you receive notice of suspension, we can reverse the suspension and get you back to driving legally!